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Vineyard aerial surveying

Many farmers love to have an aerial photo of their property framed in their house. This is a great way to get a birds eye view of your land, but the potential uses of aerial photography in farming are so much more!

By having annual photos taken of your crops, you'll soon gauge just how well they're performing at key times throughout the year in comparison to previous years. Aerial photos will also very quickly help you pinpoint problem areas in your land that may be malnourished and in need of a boost.

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Technology these days allow us to 'stitch' hundreds of high definition photos of your land together to create one large survey of your property, allowing you to zoom in and look at possible problem areas, as well as areas performing exceptionally well. This surveying of the land has dramatically come down in price, and can become an invaluable asset in a farmer's arsenal of knowledge to achieve maximum yield.

Take a look at how the vineyard in this video is using aerial imagery to pinpoint problem areas in his vines and to help him determine the perfect harvest -

If you're simply after that great photo on your wall of your property, that's great. Keep in mind that high quality stabilised video is now also an affordable option, and can make the perfect gift.

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